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The Electric Vehicle Charger Type 2 to Type 2 32A EV Charging Cable

The Electric Vehicle Charger Type 2 to Type 2 32A EV Charging Cable

Apr 16, 2024

Electric vehicle owners, and all green technology enthusiasts — prepare to electrify your EV charging game with the newest marvel in the market: the Electric Vehicle Charger Type 2 to Type 2 32A EV Charging Cable. This isn't just any charging cable; it’s your ticket to a faster, safer, and smarter way to charge your electric vehicle. Buckle up as we zap through the electrifying features that make this charger a must-have in your eco-friendly arsenal.


**1. A Tech Marvel Approved by the Best**

Wave goodbye to compatibility worries and say hello to the Wallbox EV Charger cable, a proud carrier of ETL and FCC approvals. Designed to meet the stringent standards of Tesla and UL regulations, including UL 2594 3rd Ed and multiple others, this charger doesn’t just meet expectations; it exceeds them.

wallbox portable electric charger wallbox for ev charging stations

**2. Smart Screen for Smarter Charging**

Why settle for a boring charge when you can have a tech-savvy one? Equipped with a vibrant 4.3" LCD screen, our charger doesn’t just power up your vehicle; it entertains you. Monitor your charging status in a kaleidoscope of colors with indicator lights that turn red, green, or blue, depending on the mood — I mean, mode!


**3. Safety First, Second, and Third**

This charger is like a fortress for your EV. With RCD protection at a precise 30mA AC and an IP65 waterproof rating, it laughs in the face of danger. Not only does it protect against leakage currents and impacts, but it’s also armed with over-current, ground, surge, voltage, frequency, and temperature protections. It’s practically a superhero in a cable!


**4. Power Like You’ve Never Seen**

Get ready to supercharge your EV with a whopping 32A/7KW power output, paired with an N14-50P power plug. This isn’t just charging; it’s supercharging in the comfort of your garage or while you sip coffee on the road.

EV charging cable 25ft 3.5KW 7KW EV charger station

**5. Built Tough for Tough Conditions**

Crafted from thermoplastic PC94V-0 with abrasion protection, our charging cable is tougher than a two-dollar steak. Whether it’s the scorching heat or the icy cold, this charger’s shell stands unbothered, keeping your charging smooth and consistent.


**6. Control at Your Fingertips**

Tired of the same old rigid charging routine? Our charger comes with a nifty current switch button and a delay button, putting the power right back in your hands. Customize your charging to fit your schedule, not the other way around.


So, whether you’re a tech geek, an eco-warrior, or just someone who hates to wait around, the Electric Vehicle Charger Type 2 to Type 2 32A EV Charging Cable is your go-to gadget. Upgrade your EV charging experience and join the ranks of elite drivers who know that when it comes to charging, faster, safer, and smarter is just better. Get your hands on this beast today and turn every charge into a power statement!

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